On that struggle bus…

Hey guys, it’s your boy Jay Wise again. I was sitting in bed just reading through some highlights of a book I just finished and figured I share some things with you. Side Note: apologize for grammar, I still stink at it.

First off, the book I just recently finished was, “Sex Is Not The Problem (Lust Is): Sexual Purity in a Lust-Saturated World”. The author of the book is Joshua Harris, who also wrote “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”. I haven’t read that book but I would recommend “Sex Is Not The Problem…” to anybody male or female. Harris really goes into detail about how men and women both struggle with the sinful act of lusting. From my own experience as a guy, I think every man should at least take a crack at this book because I think you’ll find yourself more in common with some of the things Harris talks about than you ever thought.


Anyways, to the meat of the blog. I wanted to really open up and just inform anybody reading this that as a guy I have struggled with lust and my flesh will always want me to struggle with lust. I’ve noticed the older I get the more I realize how¬† stupid I was in my younger years. Putting my self in situations to fully struggle with lust and horribly fail. I mean it could have been anything from riding to the beach for a day with my boys back in high school or going to watch a certain movie with my bros. Society today has figured out that men are very much visual creatures. In the next paragraphs I’m going to use some quotes from Harris’s book and just talk about things I took from those passages.

First few quotes I found that just made me step back and thing…

“God wants us to despair in our own strength so that we have no other option but to throw ourselves on His grace” page 30

“You will find His strength in your weakness. As you despair in yourself, you will find hope in Him. And as you turn your back on lust, you will discover that true pleasure is something only God can give.” page 31

Wow!!! Harris hit some points on the head with these two statements. First statement Harris comes out of the gate letting us know that when we rely on our own strength we will fail horribly. Our flesh will make us thing we have the right way and God can step back and we’ll handle this, but we are sadly mistaken when we fail. God’s grace is so good why not turn to it for strength to combat our sins!! God is gracious but we are stupid. The second statement builds off the first and letting us know that true pleasure found in God’s grace is beyond human measure and nothing on this planet can give us this pleasure like God can. We as Christians have to remember how before the saving grace of God we had no hope or joy. We had no future! We had no strength to fight our sin! We desired sin and loved to sin!! BUT…when the grace of God saves you the pleasure in fully relying on it brings more pleasure than any life on earth can give.

The grace of God is so good!! We also can remember that God has created things for us to enjoy. We have to remember that God created sex. God made sex for one man and one woman to enjoy in the constraints of marriage. Anything outside of this definition is sin. I mean anything. Sex is designed for that one man and one woman to only have sex with each other and nobody else. God is not against sex!! God is against sin which includes the act of lusting!!

“The truth is that Jesus didn’t come to rescue us from our humanity; He entered into our humanity to rescue us from our sinfulness He didn’t come to save us from being sexual creatures; He became one of us to save us from the reign of sin and lust, which ruins our sexuality.” page 36

Christ entered into this world to save all those who would believe in Him from the wrath of God. This includes saving us from our sexual impurities. The truth we need to realize is that even though we think that a small lustful thought is not going to hurt anybody, it does. Matthew 5:27-28 tells us that looking lustfully at a woman will be committing adultery in the heart. That goes for women for to!!! Also, you have to remember that when you look at a woman or man lustfully committing adultery with them is serious. I mean Jesus talked about it so it is something serious. You have just committed adultery with somebody’s future spouse and even if you marry the person you lusted after you still committed sin. Sex is only permissible in marriage and lusting after a girlfriend, fiance, or anybody else is SIN!

But as I said earlier the grace of God can provide strength for us when we fail. After the Holy Spirit convicts your soul of the sin in your life and raises your soul from the dead (Eph. 2). You will see that Christ is the only way to heaven and repentance of your sin and belief in the Savior, Jesus Christ, will be the only thing to save you from a eternity in hell. The blood of Christ is powerful and justifies the sinner to be seen as a saint. 1 Peter 1:14-16 lays out that the children of God are to be in pursuit of holiness and not of the desires of the flesh, and Harris hits on this with the thought that believers in Christ still try to justify themselves. We need to understand there is nothing we can do to justify our standing before God. Only way we can stand before a holy, righteous God is because the blood of Christ cleans every blemish and spot. We try to do these extra works thinking that for some odd reason that a certain action makes us more holy!! Reading your bible isn’t something you should jump to after you sin to hopefully take that sin away. Reading your bible is what you should be doing to help strengthen your soul so you won’t sin. I think Spurgeon said that a bible falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.

“All the necessary and important aspects of pursuing holiness don’t add to our salvation; they’re the response to and the result of God’s finished work of justifying us. Christ died so that we could be freed from the hopeless task of trying to justify ourselves.” page 53.

Readers listen up!! Lust is real a problem in today’s society. Lust is huge problem within the church. I’m not sure how many of have read Mark Driscoll’s booklet titled “Porn-Again Christian”but in this short booklet he provides some Q & A from a Ted Bundy interview. In this interview you see how a young boy picking up a pornographic magazine was the starting point of a slippery slope to one of the most known serial killers American has ever seen. Sin is dangerous!! Lusting only leads to wanting more and trying to find out to get more. It might lead to watching porn, having sex before marriage or committing adultery within a marriage. It could possibly be like Ted Bundy and turn to rape and murder, you never know. Don’t take sin lightly because the second you do is usually when you have already sinned.

I hope this blog really just gave a new focus on the sin of lusting. There is so much I could add but I know most people won’t read even this far and that’s fine. Better things to read out there like the Bible or the book I mentioned above. I just hope and pray my generation can rise up and help mentor and pour into the younger generations to show them that sin is dangerous and God does not fine it funny.

Again, I hope it was an insightful read. I know I jumped around every where and I could have probably provided more quotes because I have a ton of them but all is good. Apologize again for the grammar I know it’s horrible. Anyways, hope you have a wonderful day, week, month, year, life enjoying the grace of God. Nothing better than the saving grace of God. Hope you come back and read my next blog because honestly only God knows what it will be one. Peace Punch Captain Crunch.

Soli Deo Gloria

I’ve entered the world of blogs!!

Well, hello to the world of blogging. Just going to put it out front first that I’m horrible at grammar and I’ve probably already messed up somewhere but it’s going to be fine. The reason of this blog is to one just do it. I like the idea of sharing my thoughts with other people and what better way than typing it out and plastering it for all the world to see. Secondly, I just wanted to be able to say I have a blog (haha). Most importantly though I see this as an avenue to share some experiences in my life that could help somebody or just being able to share what God is teaching me now or has taught me in the past. My walk with Christ is the central focus of my life and will very much so be expressed with everything blog I about.

Currently to catch you up on my life. I grew up in small Alabama town nothing much to do there but hang out and get into trouble. I started going to church at the age of 12 and thought I was saved at the age but truly was just playing a game with my life. At the age of 16 Christ graciously saved me from sin and justified me before God so I could be found righteous. I graduated high school in 2008 and enrolled at a community college where I begin serving the Christian Student Ministries organization, where I was later named President. Also, during this time at community college I entered into a relationship that was nowhere near godly or any sense good for my spiritual well-being. This relationship was full of sin and led me straight into rebellion from Christ. Thankfully after that relationship ended God was faithful where I wasn’t and pulled me back to him. In 2010 I transferred to Troy University where I am currently majoring in Sport and Fitness Management with a minor in Leadership Studies. I am an active member of the Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) on campus. I thank God for this group of believers I have been able to get to know and grow with over the past year and half. The time I have been at the BCM I have seen great strides in my walk with Christ and would not trade anything for the encouragement I receive from those guys and gals there. I attend Bush Memorial Baptist Church in Troy and that family have gained has been a blessing to me so much. Just being able to have that church home away from home has been awesome and I thank God for placing me there. Right now though it is April 24 , 2013 and in two days it will be exactly 3 months till I graduate from Troy. Crazy to think it’s almost over but I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences I’ve had for anything. I hope as this blog continues to go that I can begin to just share some of the awesome things I have experienced at Troy University and some of the awesome things God has taught while I have been part of Bush Memorial and the BCM here in Troy.

I hope whoever reads this is able to see that my walk with Christ is so foundational to who I am and how I identify myself. Like I said earlier this post is probably slam full of grammatical errors and I apologize, I’m just really horrible at grammar. Anyways, thanks for reading. I hope to post soon about somethings I’ve been taught recently. Just finished going through the book of Titus and it was sweet!! Finished reading one of the many books on my kindle so I’ll be enlightening you on some of the lessons learned from that. Just stay updated never know when I get the feeling to share something (haha). Peace Punch Captain Crunch.

Soli Deo Gloria